Donate online using or send a check by mail:

  • Check or Money Order to:
    Committee to Elect Jacob for Judge
    10080 West Alta Drive, Suite 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
    Telephone: 702-381-3323

People often ask me: “How can I help?” The answer is simple: “Money, votes, and prayers… Not necessarily in that order!”

Campaigns are complex – it is impossible for me to reach everyone personally that I need to reach to win this race, for that I need you.

  1. Money – All campaigns require money. Why is that? Signs aren’t free, advertising isn’t free, but also events aren’t free. I find sometimes people think they don’t want to donate because they know they cannot donate the max of $10,000. Every donation helps though – for example:

    I work hard to go to all the events I can, to meet the people I need to meet, to get the votes I need to get. But I generally cannot attend those events for free. I go to anywhere between 5-10 events a week. The entry fee ranges from $25-$100. On a rare occasion an event will cost around $300. Sometimes I am asked to sponsor an event hosted for a worthy cause (also a couple hundred dollars). The campaign is going to be running for 10 months. While I agree paying $25-$40 for a single lunch is not a big deal, paying an average $40 to get into events 5-10 times a week gets expensive quickly over 10 months. Accordingly, even small donations of $25-$50 can be very helpful to my campaign. $25 can get me into a lunch to meet the people I need to meet, if that small donation is made monthly that is even more helpful and I would be grateful for that support.

    Big dollar donations are obviously also welcome and needed to run a successful campaign and to get the advertising needed to spread the word.

  2. Votes – I don’t know everyone who will need to vote for me to win in this race. So what can you do? Tell your friends to vote for me. Tell your attorney friends to vote for me and to contact me if they do not know me already. Please feel free to introduce me to people who need to know me. If you feel you do not know that many people, chances are still that you know someone who does know a lot of people and could move votes my way. If you want me to speak at or simply attend an event I’d be happy to do so, or if you want me just to meet someone you think would be helpful I would be happy to do so.

    Donating your time is much appreciated. Making phone calls, sending emails, marching with me in parades, knocking doors. Time is precious and I sincerely appreciate any help in this regard.
    Putting up a sign in your yard would cost less than $25. If you know someone that would like to put up a bigger sign, that is helpful. The idea is to get as many people as we can to know they should vote for Jacob Reynolds in Department 21!

    You probably have more ideas than me about how to get my name out and how to get the recognition out. I am open to your ideas!

  3. Prayers – I am a man of faith and believe in the power of faith and prayers. I welcome this support and am grateful for it. Thank you!